Spy camera in your hotel room

The title has 2 meanings. First, you’re wondering if there is a spy camera in your hotel room.

And second, you want to bring a spy camera with you so you can spy on that illegal who keeps checkin out your pearls.

Ok. First part first. Unless you’re really hot and you’re having ridiculous monkey sex, then no one cares, and your videos will prob not go public. But if you are still paranoid:

When you enter a hotel room – first shut the window shades snug, so nobody can photograph you from across the street. Then take out your screwdriver and disassemble the heater if there is one. Check behind the grills carefully. Take the shades off the lamps and check there. Unmount and disassemble the ceiling fans. The cameras could be looking at you through the little ventilation holes there. Take apart the TV, it has a lot of places to hide the camera. Behind the speaker, or even where the crt tube is. Make sure to locate and disassemble every electrical outlet. They are perfect places to put hidden microphones. The coffee maker could be a major threat. Just put it outside the room. If there are any pictures or paintings, dismount them from frames, and check in cracks between frame and picture and frame joints. Mirrors – that’s a different story. You have to check every one of them for being two sided. You can press your finger against it and see if reflection meets the actual finger. But this test is inconclusive. So you much better off taking them off. The ones that are in medicine cabinets are easier to have access to, but you will also need to remove any wall or ceiling mirrors.

Or….. you can stop being retarded and buy yourself a hidden camera detector for 80 bucks.


Or…… you can stop being uber retarded and realize that no one really gives a shit what you do in your hotel room, and that if they do catch you on video then you should be proud of who you are. So you like to do it covered in chinese food while screaming out columbian drug lord curses and converting to jews for jesus. Good for you.

And now the Second part.

So im goin away for a few days. (there will still be people in my home, so if you’re planning on robbing it while im gone, you should know that we all have gun permits, and we know people who know karate….or at least they say they do).

Anyway, I bought myself a spy camera for my hotel room. When I travel, I sometimes bring along a very expensive japanese sex doll. First off, they dont fit in the room safes. And second, with japan in chrisis right now, I’m not taking any chances. So when I’m not in the room, I need to keep an eye on Miku San and what better way then with my own spy cam. That way I know what the maids are doing while I’m gone.

It records onto an SD card, and I can view it any time. Depending on what type you get, they can be

motion activated, always recording, remote archiving over wifi or hard wire, or time set.

6o Bucks:




159 bucks


I overpaid for mine by hundreds of dollars, but im a fucktard. A little googling will find you just what you need.

God Speed Bitches,

-James Bondage….out.

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