Olives and Pimentos

I love olives. I used to hate em. But now I Love em. Green olives. Not black olives. I mean.. ha… let..lets be real. No one likes black olives. They taste like your great grandmothers house smells.

So. Green Olives. Why do pitted olives have pimentos in them?

All olives, no matter how ripe, have a vile, intensely bitter taste. In order to make them palatable, they must be pickled. Since pimentos are sweet and indigenous to the Mediterranean and blah blah blah. You get it.

So… ever wonder how they put the pimentos in each and every olive? Me too!!!!!

Pimentos are pureed then mixed with guar gum, or some bull shit like that, which makes them flexible enough to cut and stuff into the olives by machine. The first pimento stuffed olives, were stuffed by hand. By hand? Who gets paid to do that? I wouldnt wanna be that guy!

~ Pimento Stuffer ….. out

P.S.   That’s a great porn star name….. Pimento Stuffer.

P.P.S.  Yesterday was the 30th anniversary of Aids. (this info has nothing to do with the previous P.S.)



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