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Mel Gibsons new movie.

As a fellow Jew I am asking you to read and share.
Mel Gibson has a new movie coming out.  It is named The Edge Of Darkness.
If you recall Mel’s father denies that the Holocaust ever happened. Mel supports his fathers beliefs.

On Ash Wednesday February 25th, 2004, the movie “Passion Of The Christ” opened in thousands of theaters. Mel Gibson co-wrote, directed,and co-produced the movie. Gibson also financed the $25 million it took to make the movie through his own company, Icon Productions. Hollywood’s major studios all passed on offers to distribute the film. New market films agreed to distribute it for a fee.

The movie has probably created more controversy than any other movie in recent years. Some commentators have charged that the movie is Anti-Semitic because it blames the Jews for the death of Christ. The film portrays Jews who adhere to their Jewish faith as enemies of God and the locus of evil..

The above 2 paragraphs were taken from the web site of religious tolerance. org/chrgibson. htm. Yes, there is a web site .

In July of 2006 Mel Gibson was stopped and arrested for drunk driving near his house in Malibu by Deputy James Mee.

In his initial report, Deputy Mee described how Gibson bolted from custody and how he chased the actor back to his car where he handcuffed him.
The report detailed repeated threats against Mee made by Gibson, who said that he “owned Malibu” and “would get even” with the deputy.
The report also detailed Gibson’s “barrage of anti-Semitic remarks” in which he said, “The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world” before asking the deputy, who is Jewish: “Are you a Jew?”
The article goes on to say that Gibson, because of his celebrity status received a $1300.00 fine and other minor consequences.
He never apologized to the deputy or to the Jewish people. Can we support an individual who hates us?


Read more on the Jew Hater at the Huff Post


11 Things That Will Be More Expensive in 2012

End of the year sales are still going strong, and in this environment it’s difficult to imagine not being able to find an excellent deal on the necessities. But sales end and economic trends change, and sometimes even minor shifts can spell big price hikes.


Click here to read the full article from dealnews.

Words With Friends can get you Kicked off a Plane?

Words With Friends.  What a game. For Apple and Android.  Scrabble on Crack!

Those playing the Words With Friends app will be able to engage in up to twenty different games at one time. This means you could play with friends, co-workers or even the person next to you on the train. It is a simple drag and drop word tile game that scores points for each word created from the available tiles.  The game incorporates an online chat feature in order to allow players to discuss the game board, and anything else too. Players can also invite friends to join directly through their Facebook and Twitter accounts, or enter into any public ongoing game as well.

From LA times:

Actor Alec Baldwin was kicked off a flight at Los Angeles International Airport on Tuesday.

It’s not exactly clear what prompted his removal from the plane. A law enforcement source told The Times he was escorted off an American Airlines flight. The source said police were not involved in the incident, which he said was between the airline and the actor.

Baldwin took to Twitter, writing: “Flight attendant on American reamed me out 4 playing WORDS W FRIENDS while we sat at the gate, not moving.”

Read all about it at The Daily News here.

I’m with Alec on this one… I mean, have you ever played the game?  I have 9 games going on as we speak. I cant get enough, and I’m illiterate.


And now, for your Spanish Otod Word of the Day….SpOtod

{ words with friends = palabras con los amigos }

Use it in a sentence: Abso~46pointsForTheDumbestWordEver~lutely…….

words with friends is better than crack. and it’s free.

palabras con los amigos es mejor que el crack. y es gratis.

The TSA Blog……?

So I’m travelling again soon.  Very soon. And to all you would be thieves, I live with 2 room mates who are not travelling and practice advanced krav maga.  And they own weapons.  So suck it, would be thieves…. Where was I?

Oh yeah. I’m travelling again.  It’s for a short time, but that doesn’t change the fact that I will be subject to the TSA at the airport.  When I travel for short stints, I usually pack everything in a carry-on and a backpack.  I also bring along my camera, some large lenses, a flash, a battery pack, and a couple of chargers, and a laptop.  And almost every time I go through security, the TSA needs to open up the bag and check my equipment out. Like they’ve never

Image Courtesy of The TSA Abuse Blog

seen a camera before.

Well, this time I decided to do some research and read up a bit on these so called Travel Security Officers.  I’ll tell you this; Most of them are pretty ignorant to their own rules.  Even though there are certain rules in place about certain items, the officer man-handling you may not even know about it, and then decide to make up their own rule on the spot.  And they dont have the time to hear you out if you have the balls to challenge them.

I understand they have a very hard job to do, but most people who travel through airports everyday are not terrorists, and the last time I checked, this is still America.  I’m not asking them to bend or change the rules.  I just want everyone to be on the same page.  If I go to their website, and it states that something is acceptable to bring on a flight, and then I get their and said item is confiscated by a high school drop out with a badge…. Well that aint America!

Where am I going with this?  The TSA has a blog of their own, that aims to inform people and help people with questions or stumps.  Not if they have stumps, but rather if they are stumped.  It’s an interesting blog to browse if you’re a frequent traveler and offers up some helpful info…. But it would be nice if the Travel Security Officers actually read the blog too.

Here’s a fun link to a video on CBS of a TSA agent groping a 6 year old.  Go America.  Watch the video….. the kid looks like a real threat too.


And now, for your Spanish Otod Word of the Day…. “SpOtod

{ security = seguridad }

Use it in a sentence: Abso~IdontKnowIfIshouldComplainOrNot~lutely…….

Airport security is a joke.

Seguridad de los aeropuertos es una broma.

What Ever Happened to Umbrella Etiquette??? A How To and Why!

Umbrella etiquette….. There is so much to say.  After hurricane Irene, the tristate is on another flash flood warning. What?!!! It’s not wet enough for you? Too bad we cant send some of this water to Texas where they really need it right now! Those fires are eating up homes one after another.  But back to Umbrella etiquette.  The worst part is when you don’t have an umbrella and people don’t get out of your way so you can walk briskly by… 

The Huffington Post gives a long, detailed article on Umbrella etiquette.  But here at Otod, we know you have ADD. So I’ll keep it simple and straight to the point.

I love New York, but some New Yorkers can be assholes.   Like when you’re walking under construction areas (with boards and poles) where it is obvious that you dont need to utilize your umbrella, but people refuse to close up their umbrellas and still have them open, while walking through these tight spaces, splashing passing pedestrians with their wet umbrellas, or worse…. stabbing them with the pointy ends.   And what’s with those elephant size umbrellas? I would understand if you were 400 pounds, but no regular sized biped needs an umbrella that can “protect” 8 people at the seem time.

– According to a poster on the Craigslist forum, New York City’s rules of umbrella etiquette are very basic:

1. Please leave your ‘patio umbrellas’ in storage or attached to said patio table. Your egomaniacs do not need to take up a 10 ft radius of dry space.

2. If you choose to ignore Rule #1, please have the common courtesy to raise your patio umbrella when sharing sidewalk space with other umbrella-carriers.  Not doing so will result in umbrella fender benders and will block traffic behind you, causing both coffee and people to spill.

3. If wearing a rain parka, hat, and a hood, please leave your umbrella at home. Once again, dry space is limited and you have already established your necessary space.

4. If it is determined that you need an umbrella, please do not then hog overhangs or awnings. Once again, you have a f#!%*~g umbrella, so please reserve limited dry space for the poor shleps who do not.

5. Please, for the love of god, if you have spiky metal points shooting outof your umbrella, use extra caution when cutting people off, etc. or just f#!%*~g buy a new $3 umbrella – they are everywhere.

If these rules are not followed, then any fellow New Yorker has the right to take your umbrella, patio or otherwise, and beat you with it……

Amen, brother.

You can also get your swanky British Umbrellas here.

Advanced Gives their etiquette tip of the month on this subject.


~ Rihanna out



How to Silence your Cell Phone Ringer…… For Old People

You’re at a restaurant;  You’re at the Doctor’s office;  You’re at the DMV;  You’re at the Ballet…. (you are… not me); You’re on the train late at night going home from work and the old fogey sitting in front of you gets a phone call on her “dumb phone“.

You hear that squealing, monotone, stock ringtone, kinda muffled at first: “da da da da da…. da da da data datahhh……da da da da da…. da da da data datahhh“.  The woman looks around for a couple of seconds and then gets this look of shock on her face like ‘Oh that’s my phone‘ and pulls it outta her pocket.  Now you hear the screeching, annoying ringtone at full blast:  “DA DA DA DA DA…. DA DA DA DATA DATAHHH……DA DA DA DA DA…. DA DA DA DATA DATAHHH”.

She looks at the phone, straining to see the caller ID, realizes she cant see shit, fumbles around for her glasses (which are on her head), then finally reads the caller ID and decides she doesnt wanna answer it. ‘Ehhh I’ll let it go to voicemail’.  

…… And the phone still screams:  “DA DA DA DA DA…. DA DA DA DATA DATAHHH……DA DA DA DA DA…. DA DA DA DATA DATAHHH”.  At this point it doesnt really matter because you have already slit your wrists and you’re bleeding out on the back of the train.

Dear Old People……  On the side of your dumb phones are a bunch of buttons. Some are shortcut keys to your camera, some are volume controls.  They also double as  a RING TONE SILENCER!!!!!  By silencing the ringtone, you dont end up murdering the people around you and you can still decide whether or not to answer at your own turtley pace.  It does nothing to your phone call, except mute the ringer.

*(if you’re phone has no external buttons this will not work without opening the phone and choosing a different button, but I dont think phones without side buttons are even made any more.  And if you have one of those phones, you can 100% upgrade to a newer dumb phone for free from your carrier…) 

**(And I’m talking about real cell phones… not Cell Phones for Old Retarded people who just want a phone that says “Maurice” and “Doctor”. For real.  See it here)


And here’s a bit of history for you old people:  On August 25th 1910 – Yellow Cab was founded.

~ Live. Love. Old.

Wear a reflector at night!!!

First I’d like to say: Yes…. I’m still here. The ambien / Alcohol mix didnt kill me. But you know what can kill me? Not wearing a reflector at night. Stupid.

I cant tell you how many people I wanna hit when I’m driving at night. And I have the perfect excuse to do it! No one wears reflectors anymore! Now if I hit them, it’s not my fault. So I wanna say: Thank you stupid people. Now I can fulfill my dream of running over people without even seeing them. I think of you as moving speed bumps. 
Reflectors – lifesavers all year around!
If it’s only crossing the street when heading to the library, walking across the parking lot to enter the grocery store, carrying out the trash on Sunday nights – you should wear reflectors. And the reflectors are not only for winter dark days, even summer have some dark hours where you need to be seen by a driver.

How do they work?
Small and light, no need for batteries, they work by retro reflection. By bouncing back the light from a headlight of an oncoming vehicle to the driver, you become more than 50% more visible than if you did not wear a reflector. The driver has more time to react. In fact he has a minimum 10 seconds to see you instead of only 2 seconds…if we care about our life, do we use reflectors or not? 

Who should wear them?
Adults, children, joggers and cyclists, walkers, runners, dog owners and other owners, teenagers, pensioners, motorists and strollers…we all have to make ourselves visible!!!

Fatal pedestrian/motor vehicle collisions occur most often between 6 p.m. and midnight. In 2007, 72 percent of all pedestrian deaths occurred in dark urban settings with another 70,000 pedestrians injured in motor vehicle crashes in this country. In total 4,654 pedestrians were killed. In 2008, thirty-eight percent of the 316 young (under age 16) pedestrian fatalities occurred in crashes between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. Source:
Using a reflector can save lives on the road both in towns and scarcely populated areas.
Let’s say it is an easy and cheap sort of life insurance.

Give the driver a chance!!!
A driver on a dark road with his long headlights on will see a person wearing a reflector from as far as 900 feet (300 meters)! A person without a reflector, depending on what he or she is wearing, will only be spotted at the distance of approx. 100-300 feet (30-100 meters).Convert this into “time to react” this means the driver has, instead of 2 seconds, a good 10 seconds to slow down…

Streetlights do not guarantee your safety!  
Most pedestrian – car accidents occur in urban areas with streetlights. The driver discovers the pedestrian too late. 8 out of 10 drivers who struck people at night didn’t see them. 90% of motorists who hit people at night are not ticketed for any traffic violations, Indiana State Police Reports!

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