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Otod is Dead!

Dear readers and fans  reader and fan……

There comes a time when every great thing must come to an end.

Did it jump the shark and get cancelled? Was it invaded and probed by aliens?        Did Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen sign on as writers?

No dear reader, no.  It’s just that I dont have time to write for this blog any more.  I am now one year old, and have matured as far as I can go.  I fear that by keeping this blog alive, that I may lead you on, and you’ll never get over me.  Well move on I say.  There are plenty of fish in the sea.  Forget about me.

I was thinking of keeping the blog alive with some slight changes. I toyed with “Otow: Obvious Tip Of the Week”, but I was too lazy.   I thought about “Otom: Obvious Tip Of the Month”, but I felt like it would be a blood bath…. end of story. Period. Next?  I pondered “Otoy: Obvious Tip Of the Year”, but I figured I’d forget my wordpress login info by then.

No, my fan (maybe 2)…. I decided to kill it. Murder it. Break its legs and run over its face with a Bronco I bought on ebay.

We had some fun times though. With ridiculous catagories like Fauxtod, effin free otod, & Drunk Ass Otod.  We had some serious tips and some comical tips, but mostly….. tips.  I made some up, I stole some from other blogs, but basically I just tried to do what every other american wanted to do.  Eat fried chicken.

I was gonna make a little movie clip looking back at the good times here at the Otod office….(hehe), with a Sarah Mclachlan track playing in the background….. But I’m too lazy, it’s almost midnight, and I have work tomorrow.  So suck it!

It’s been fun.  Dont bother emailing me, cause I probably wont be checking that email address any more.

If I were to leave you with 1 more tip, it would be this:  A custom made suit should be fully canvassed.

Otod Nate……Out!


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