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Vodka and Redbull = Danger….. and Also Reckless Fun

The famous energy drink know as Redbull has more caffeine then Coffee, Espresso, Tea, and Soda.  80mg to 500mg of caffeine per serving.  Some cans have up to 14 teaspoons of sugar, and we’re only supposed to have 16 teaspoons of sugar a day.  Drink the Sugar Free, to try and avoid that Crash.

The famous liquid courage, known as alcohol is tasty and awesome.

And if you mix them together? Dangerous.  The Combination reduces your ability to feel tipsy, So you dont realize how drunk your getting, and you tend to drink more.  And actually, one study found that you can be three times more likely to drink more then someone who hasnt had this type of mixed drink.  Plus it really impairs your judgement (Frat boys… write that down).  One study shows that you’re 4 times more likely to drive drunk on these mixed drinks, vs just drinking alcohol alone, and in college campuses, violence and deaths have been attributed to these Energy Cocktails!

So guys, what is the first drink you order for your date tonight? Vodka and Redbull!  And what is your second drink? if you said Vodka and Redbull you are correct!  And remember, I am not a doctor, and you are probably an idiot.


And now, for your Spanish Otod Word of the Day…. “SpOtod“ ——-

{ Cocktail = cóctel }

Use it in a sentence: Abso~IthinkYouShouldDrive~lutely…

I love you man…. cocktail

Me encanta que el hombre…. cóctel


How to Pour Wine Back into a Bottle when you had too much or you Stole from Gramma’s stash….

I think I need to create a new Category for all these beer and wine postings. I think I’ll call it “Drunk Ass Otod”…… What!?!  Eff you! I likes me the juice!

So…. After emptying a bottle of wine, is it OK to pour it back into the bottle, and what is the proper way?  Well first off, if there is wine in the glass, finish it! You 98 pound light weight! However, if you need to drive or you’re pregnant….(dont ask), then continue reading this Otod.

Dr. Vinny of Wine Spectator says:  “Yes, it’s OK to pour wine back into a bottle. But if there’s a bit of sediment left in the bottle, you might want to give it a quick rinse first, before pouring the wine back in. I’ll use water until all the sediment seems to be gone (although I suppose you could sacrifice some wine to the cause, too). Then I drain the bottle as best I can before pouring the wine back in. Funnels are extremely helpful for this.”

Step 1-A) ….. dont be a hero! Use a funnel.

eHow offers up some interesting tips on how to properly store your wine. They tell you how to store it in water bottles and remove the air. Start with a water bottle &  see below:

    • Drink the water from the water bottle (we recommend that you pour the water into a glass, rather than placing your lips on the water bottle) – or give your precious houseplants a drink. Make sure the water bottle is clean. Then shake out the remaining water droplets. It doesn’t have to be perfectly dry. But get it as dry as possible – otherwise you’ll be diluting your wine with a little water – and if you’re picky about wine like I am, that’s not cool.

    • 2

      After you’ve enjoyed a portion of that wonderful Cab, Syrah or Pinot, pour the remaining wine into the empty water bottle.

    • 3

      If the wine overfills the water bottle, then start filling another water bottle with what’s left.

    • 4

      Squeeze the water bottle so that the wine reaches the very top of the bottle, then screw on the cap tightly. By doing so, you’re expelling all air from the bottle. Store the wine in your refrigerator. It should keep just fine for at least a week!

 Tips & Warnings


  • When you’re ready to serve the remaining wine, you can do one of two things. Pour it back into the original (rinsed and dried) wine bottle – or dump it into a wine decanter for serving. That way your guests won’t think you’re wierd, pouring wine out of a water bottle! Cheers!


So there you have it fellow readers! I’m talking to both of you. Drink smart, and dont waste your wine. Cause you know one night you’re gonna want a tall glass of that yummy redness and you’ll wish you read Otod.

Wine Lover? Celebrate the Annual Pinot Noir Smackdown!!!

You know you’ve been waiting all year for this day, you drunk S.O.B.  

The 2nd Annual Pinot Noir Smackdown is today, August 18th 2011!  Why should you care?  It’s an all-day global celebration of the world’s most expressive wine grape, where everyone is doing a wine tasting and sipping the juice all in the same 24 hours!

It’s the worlds largest Wine tasting, Spread across the Social Networks! [here…] Share & tweet your thoughts and where your favourite Pinot is made!

WineTonight gives you the full deets and breakdown here!

So go ahead….. Get shit faced via twitter!

Drink Red Wine to Help You Sleep

Not white wine! Red wine…. RED!

Grape skins – which are removed when making white wine – are bursting with melatonin, the hormone that keeps our body clocks in check and tells us when it is time to go to bed. And the melatonin in wine is released slowly rather then the immediate release you get from melatonin pills.

Wines particularly rich in the compound include Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chianti.

Melatonin, which is produced by in our brains by the pea-like pineal gland, is also good for our health.  The hormone, which is also linked to libido and ageing is a powerful anti-oxidant, mopping up harmful molecules called free radicals which are linked to cancer.  How do I know these things?  It’s the power of knowledge… and some self testing and googling.

I actually buy red wine by cases of 12 bottles. Of course, these are 10 dollar bottles of wine, but I enjoy the little buzz I get and the help to fall asleep. I’m an insomniac and a lover of alcohol, so it’s a “wine wine”. tells you the 10 benefits of Red Wine here.

Now go…. drink satan’s blood, and sleep well my children.

Mix Ambien and Alcohol?

Ambien is that sleep drug…. sleeping aid.

Insomniacs like me take it to help fall and stay asleep. But it dont always work for me. In fact I took it 45 min ago, and Im freaking wired.

So what happens if I mix it with some alcohol?

According to some googling….. “mixing ambien with alcohol or other sedatives will potentiate both and increase the likelyhood of amnesia. A friend was prescribed ativan (another benzodiazapine) for anxiety and experienced the same side effects (including the increased sexual desire and amnesia)”.

Ummmmm…. whaaaa?

And another answer on google:  “NO. Unless you are trying to kill yourself. Ambien and alcohol is an extremely dangerous combination and you can ingest a lethal dose before you ever feel the effects of either drug. Death can occur from one Ambien and a couple beers or shots.”

Ok…. first of all, that may be true, but I do that all the time. Not that I recommend it. 2nd, if there’s  no Otod tomorrow, I guess we’ll know why. 3rd, I’ll admit I’m a little freaked out right now.

And another answer:  “Ambien causes TOTAL memory loss! This drug throws out rational thinking all together, and also does cause hallucinations, visual disturbances, or whatever you would like to call them. Logic doesn’t exist when you take ambien. If you dont go to bed right away, you will forget to go to bed and you will do crazy shit all night!”

Ok that’s a little redic….. I take ambien all the time and I’ve only hallucinated like 2 times… ahhhh shit! Penguin Vampires!!!!!

Also, If I ….you know…. there’s this schmuck from Miami who owes me over 2 grand. I dont want him to think that just because I’m not here anymore that he’s off the hook.

So I just had 3 shots of whiskey…. I’m not feeling any hornier, but I zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZzzzzzzzzz

Beer Goggles on yourself?

Beer Goggles…. You know what they are. They’re a phenomenon in which one’s consumption of alcohol makes physically unattractive persons appear beautiful;

or When you become drunk enough to find someone you would normally find unattractive… attractive enough to have sex with, you are said to be wearing beer goggles.

But what about beer goggles on yourself? Have you ever gotten a little drunk, looked in the mirror, and thought of yourself as more attractive? Of course you have. It’s “liquid courage”. It’s the same as having a drink and getting the nerve to walk up to a beautiful woman and introduce yourself.

Are you bald? Have 4 shots and then suddenly you have hair.

Got a shitty job? Have 6 beers, and poof…. you drive an Astin Martin.

I have to admit that after a couple of shots, I look in the mirror and say “That is a nice looking man.” (It doesn’t go further than that though).

So…. Otod: While our intoxicationess (go ahead… challenge that) may make us seem more appealing…. we are, in reality, even less appealing. Therefore, drink in moderation, and make sure that your sober friends keep you in line.

What if you were a wine lover….

Here’s a random Otod for you.

What if you were a wine lover…or an alcoholic, and the company you work for suddenly outsourced to india, and sent you there to train your replacements, knowing that your gonna be fired in 6 months.

So there you are; living in india, training replacements, awaiting termination, and you wanna hit the bottle. Not just some cheap wine. Not an import or local beer. Not a shot of Ole Banglapor whiskey. But some good, fine wine.

Waddaya do?

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