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Eating Poop: What if Humans were like Rabbits?

Well the first obvious answer that comes to mind is baby Huebbits.  That’s a Human / Rabbit hybrid. “They eff like Human” people will say.

But the other question is:  If a man eats his own feces, what would happen?

It is quite possible to die from eating feces, but it doesn’t mean you will. It is also quite possible to die from eating raw seafood, but it rarely happens. It all depends on what bacteria are active in the substance and for how long. The chance that harmful bacteria are present is greatly increased when the substance is feces.

Dogs do it all the time and they usually don’t get sick. Dogs have pretty strong immune systems though. It is also not unknown for people to eat their own or others’ feces. Eating feces even has its own scientific name – coprophagia. Another practice with its own scientific term is closely related. Coprophilia is achieving sexual excitement from eating, or otherwise interacting with, feces.

Shall I continue?  Nah…..

So, while eating feces is definitely bad for your health, and not recommended, you will probably not die from it. You will, however, probably get sick.


Don’t Worry Be Happy…..

Don’t Worry Be Happy and you’ll live longer.  Studies have tied happiness to longer life.  

A new study suggests that older people who are happy have a 35 percent lower risk of dying over a five-year period than unhappy people. The research was published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.  One more thing to worry about, you say? Perhaps, but the study also indicated that those who got their neuroticism under control had about the same mortality as those who scored high in emotional stability.

And ususally happy people dont jump off a bridge.  I once jumped off a road.  I twisted my middle toe, and now I’m on a toe replacement list.  I’m thinking of going black market for my replacement toe, and I guess it would be kinda cool to have 9 white toes and 1 black toe.  I guess you could say it would be the “toe”-ken black toe….. Thank you.  Me and my toes will be here all week.


And now, for your Spanish Otod Word of the Day…. “SpOtod

{ Happy = Feliz }

Use it in a sentence: Abso~TheLandlordSayYourRentIsLate~lutely…….

Don’t worry be happy

No te preocupes, se feliz


Keep your Tech Products Germ Free

A couple of weeks ago Mashable did on article called 16% of cellphones have poop on them… Well fear no longer! Mashable went and  rounded up five great solutions to help keep your devices clean and germ-free. Click here for those 5 products.

And now, Germaphobes now have reason to celebrate with the release of a new technology that kills microbes and keeps them away with just one spraying. The chemically engineered technology works on a range of products, from hospital linens to children’s toys.

The protected items will remain germ-free even after standing in hot temperatures and going through multiple washes, the researchers say. Eventually, this technology could be transformed into antimicrobial products that are durable, inexpensive, and safe to use.

And here’s an article telling about a New spray that could keep your clothes germ-free forever.

So go on…. Purell it up, bitch.


And now, for your Spanish Otod Word of the Day…. “SpOtod

{ germs = microbios }

Use it in a sentence: Abso~WashYourHands~lutely…….

germs are gross. they have cooties.
los gérmenes son brutos. que tienen piojos.

A Bald Matt Damon Talks Shit for World Toilet Day!

From and Matt Damon want you to donate your voice — that is your Twitter or Facebook voice — to talk shit about the global toilet crisis.

Since this past monday Monday, individuals can authorize to post once daily status updates from either their Facebook or Twitter account until World Toilet Day this Saturday, Nov. 19. If you chose to sign up,’s daily posts will be blasted from your account without your review of each individual message.

Billions of people around the world lack access to toilets, causing a host of infectious illnesses. Children in developing countries often carry 1,000 parasitic worms in their bodies due to poor sanitation, according More people in the world have mobile phones than access to toilets.

The “Talk sh*t all week” campaign is using social media to spark conversations about global sanitation issues. The campaign is using expletives such as “shit” and “crap” to draw attention to the cause with a bit of humor, explains Mike McCamon, chief community officer of

“We’re talking about something no one knows how to address, and we’re using the words to talk about it,” McCahon says about the campaign’s word choice.


And now, for your Spanish Otod Word of the Day…. “SpOtod

{ crap = cagar }

Use it in a sentence: Abso~talkshit~lutely…….

I need to take a crap, but i don’t own a toilet. However, I can upload pictures of it to facebook.

Tengo que tomar un cagar, pero yo no tengo un aseo. Sin embargo, puedo subir fotos de ella en Facebook.

Would you Change your Eye Colour?

Some Doctor claims he can turn brown eyes into Blue eyes in 20 seconds for around 5 grand using lasers.  The laser energy removes the brown pigment, or melanin, from the top layer of the iris, and the blue eye colour emerges over the following two to three weeks.

Having blue eyes, being less common, inevitably leads some people to stick out their chests with pride. But all eye colors are just inherited from parents and can be explained through intersections of dominant and recessive genes. Darker eyes simply contain more melanin, the same biological pigment that makes skin darker and is missing in albinos…..  Hah…. Albinos…. Losers.

Would you chance it? I would kill to make my shit colored brown eyes blue, but at what cost to my eyes? Who knows what the risks are!  When asked if he thought it was safe, the doctor spews some shit about tests, and he says:  “Is it possible for something to happen down the road? It’s possible”!  That’s enough for me.

Read the article and watch the video here.

And here’s a cute site showing what some famous people would look like with blue eyes.


And now, for your Spanish Otod Word of the Day…. “SpOtod

{ eyes = ojos }

Use it in a sentence: Abso~FuckYou~lutely…….

Would you eat eyeball soup with Indiana Jones?

¿Comería usted sopa globo del ojo con Indiana Jones?

Hands always cold?

My hands and fingers are always cold. Sometimes freezing.  My fingers turn white and my nails turn purple.  What the hell? A little googling told me this: There could be a lot of underlying answers to this, poor circulation, blood pressure, side effects of meds, and many others. You really need to consult a physician as this could be a key indicator of a serious underlying problem.  It could be Raynaud’s disease (disorder that affects the flow of blood to the fingers and sometimes to the toes).

OK, woah! calm down a little….. (I also have an autoimmune disease that I’m sure is causing my problem. )

Here are some treatments and preventions I dug up:  If wearing gloves and wool socks and staying indoors where it’s warm is a nuisance or doesn’t help, try these other warm-up tips:

  • Don’t smoke. It impairs circulation.
  • Avoid caffeine. It constricts blood vessels.
  • Avoid handling cold objects. Use ice tongs to pick up ice cubes, for instance.
  • With fingers outstretched, swing your arms in large circles, like a baseball pitcher warming up for a game. This may increase blood flow to the fingers. (Don’t do this if you have bursitis or back problems!)
  • Do not wear footwear that is tight-fitting.
  • Wiggle your toes or fingers. It may help keep them warm as a result of increased blood flow.
  • Practice a relaxation technique, such as biofeedback.
I bought this tiny personal space heater that sits on my desk and keeps my hands toasty in the winter days.


And now, for your Spanish Otod Word of the Day….SpOtod

{ cold hands = las manos frías }

Use it in a sentence: Abso~StayOuttaTheFreezerSection~lutely…….

Don’t touch me with you cold hands, you frigid bitch!

No me toques con tus manos frías, zorra frígida!

How To Flush A Public Urinal

Well if it’s an electric flushing urinal…just walk away.

But for those old fashioned,  pulling the lever kinda urinals, you dont really wanna use your hand.   It’s better to go with your elbow or your foot.  Now, the foot technique can be kinda tricky if the urinal is very high, so you kinda wanna life with momentum and slam down on the lever, but not with too much force to break the flushing unit.

Some people just dont bother to flush a public urinal, and sometimes I’m one of those people.  But one intereseting idea I heard of was finding a cat or a local street urchin and throwing it at the flusher.  Here’s an interesting urinal with a foot pedal for a flusher…. now that’s genius.

The best I’ve seen is the Flushless urinal.  There are arguments whether or not these are good, but I’m not in the mood to type anymore.


And now, for your Spanish Otod Word of the Day…. “SpOtod

{ urinal = urinario }

Use it in a sentence: Abso~NotTodayI’mTooLazy~lutely……

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