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It’s Tuesday.



Happy New Year!

Its 2013!!!!!! Suck it, Mayans!!!!!

But did you know the Mayan calendar ends December 21 (Winter Solstice, 2012). It simply marks the end of one calender and the start of another. They never actually predicted that it would end on that date but the calender would still have people putting more dates in because it would just go on forever and ever

To be honest, No one knows when they world is going to end.
If it was going to end, they’d tell us and they wouldn’t be building in London for 2012! – we’ll die, but not yet. another thousand years possibly more.

Merry Christmas & Chrismukkah!

A popular marriage between the words “Christmas” and “Hanukkah” celebrated mostly by interfaith (Christian and Jewish) couples. Sources of this word date back to the 1800s and not the television show the OC (look it up).
Happy Chrismukkah: Eight days of presents, followed by one day of many presents.

The Maccabeats do Another Video!!! Now With Celebrities!

Okay okay, the Maccabeats are celebrities too…..  But their new video has 2 huge celebrities that you wouldnt expect!

I dont wanna give too much away, but I cant keep it all in!  If you’re old like me you may remember her from the TV show ‘Blossom’, and if you’re young like my Maccabeat brother, you will know her as Amy from ‘The Big Bang Theory’!  My inside source tells me that she is obsessed with the Maccabeats!

And the second celeb?  Well you’ll just have to watch the video.  But I’ll give you a hint….. Birth Certificate…..


And now, for your Spanish Otod Word of the Day…. “SpOtod

{ maccabeat  =  maccabeat }

Use it in a sentence: Abso~RaiseYourGlass~lutely…….

According to google translate, Maccabeat is the same in English and Spanish.

De acuerdo con traductor Google, Maccabeat es el mismo en Inglés y Español.

Write Notes on your Hand

Kinda like in the movie Memento, where a man suffering from short-term memory loss, uses notes and tattoos to hunt for the man he thinks killed his wife.  Except don’t tattoo yourself. Great movie though. You should see it.

But I’m serious.  Every time I want to remember to do something when I’m either going somewhere or going shopping, or even going home, and I want to remember to take the laundry outta the dryer, I’ll grab a pen and write in on my hand.  Now you may ask; “Otod Nate, why write something on your hand, when you can creat a reminder on your smartphone?”  Good question my young padawan.

Creating a memo reminder on your smart phone takes about 15 seconds longer then my ADD allows me to have, then to write something on my hand.  But most importantly? You can snooze or dismiss a reminder on your smartphone, but you cant snooze your hand, as much as you may want to.


And now, for your Spanish Otod Word of the Day…. “SpOtod

{ notes = notas }

Art Basel Miami Beach Comes as the Hurricanes Leave!

I’m down in Miami Beach doing some work for a few days, so what better time to share some tips and info from the Sunshine state!

First we have Art Basil!!!  From December 1 through 4, Miami Beach, Florida will host the 10th edition of Art Basel Miami Beach, the most prestigious art show in the Americas.  What does that mean for us?  Well, more than 260 leading galleries from North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa will take part, showcasing works by more than 2,000 artists of the 20th and 21st centuries.

This is a Beached Miami event designed to limber you up for a weekend of binge art-ing. Featuring live music by ANR, PLAINS, Little Beard, and Nickly Blitz; DJ sets by Millionyoung, Laura of Miami, Eddie P, and rediculoads more!

Second, Hurricane Season in Miami ends today!  What does that mean for you?

– Well you can take off your hurricane shutters to start.  

– Also, you can go shopping at grocery stores for water without fighting people for it.

– Lumber will be widely available.  

– Water wont have to be boiled.  

– Power should be on, stay on, and you can throw out any flashlight batteries you didnt use.

And here’s my Otod tip on how to create an “End Of Hurricane Season Survival Kit”.

Step 1:  Buy a bag.

Step 2: Fill it with sun tan lotion and an ipod.

Step 3:  Flip the bird towards the sky and enjoy life in this tropical non island!


And now, for your Spanish Otod Word of the Day…. “SpOtod

{ art = arte }


11/11/11? 11-11-11? 11:11:11?

Happy November 11, 2011!  What does it all mean?  There is nothing really unusual about the time 11:11 or the date 11/11/11, but our brains can’t help noticing the repeating digits, and seeing them as meaningful.  The reason the date seems so unusual is that 11.11.11 is the only double-figure palindromic date, since there is no 22nd month.

Among other things, 11.11.11 will be:

  • Armistice Day, celebrated around the world.
  • A day of spiritual significance for those who believe the number 11 has a mystical power.
  • A very special day to get married or have a birthday (especially if it’s your 11th).
  • Perhaps even the end of the world, according to some ‘prophecy’ web forums.

But dont worry.  If you miss 11:11:11am on 11/11/11, you can still catch it at 11:11:11 pm on 11/11/11.  Also if you’re young and healthy, you may live to see it again in the year 2111!

Here are some more facts that I gathered from other sites.  No for real.  You think I just know this shit?  Dont worry. I link to 1 of the sites below.

– Its Nerd New Year! Celebrated with a block party at 11:11 pm on 11/11/11….. but dont worry if you miss it.  The next binary six-digit date will be here in slightly more than 88 years — on January 1, 2101.

– Las Vegas has been getting a rush with nearly 4,000 wedding applications.  I get it…. it’s a cool wedding date. The down side? YOU’RE NOW MARRIED!

– South Korea has seen a similar rush — but in the delivery room, with expectant mothers demanding c-sections on the lucky date…. Fuckin crazy bitches!

– A new movie coming out today called 11-11-11, predicts that the day will see the opening of a portal in to Hell, and says: ‘On this day, innocent blood will spill.’…. Yeah ok….

– The 11th of November is Veterans Day, when we celebrate the end of World War I and commemorate the victims of that war and subsequent ones.

– Blackjack players love the number eleven. It usually means time to double down. & Dice players love the number eleven. On the come-out roll, it’s as good as the number seven.

– The Great Blue Norther freezing storm of 11/11/11:  100 years ago, November 11th, 1911: The Great Blue Norther descended upon America. The day started out normal, there were even record highs for that time of year.  Then it all changed when temperatures began to drop. Within the space of ten minute: the temperature dropped 40 to 50 degrees.  Some place started out in the 70’s and dropped to the teens.

Hub Pages will give you more and the whole low down here!

Now hide your wives….hide your kids!


And now, for your Spanish Otod Word of the Day…. “SpOtod

{ palindrome = palíndromo }

Use it in a sentence: Abso~MadamImAdam~lutely…….

A palindrome is a word or phrase that is the same whether it is read forwards or backwards.

Un palíndromo es una palabra o una frase que es el mismo si se lee hacia delante o hacia atrás.
And here is the Sarah Palin Blog……. PalinDrome!
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