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Grow a Moustache in Movemeber!

That’s right…. Movember.  Moustache Season is now open.  What’s that you say? I’m ludicrous? No… ludicrous is my father. Please, call me Lou.

Started in 1999 in AdelaideAustralia, Movember encourages men to seek sponsorships to stop shaving their upper lips for 30 days, with the money going to men’s health initiatives.  During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces, in the US and around the world. With their Mo’s, these men raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men.

Mo Bros effectively become walking, talking billboards for the 30 days of November. Through their actions and words they raise awareness by prompting private and public conversation around the often ignored issue of men’s health.   At the end of the month, Mo Bros and Mo Sistas (wait…Sistas?) celebrate their gallantry and valor by either throwing their own Movember party or attending one of the infamous Gala Partés held around the world by Movember, for Movember.

And in addition to looking bewhiskered, and shaggily sexy, you will also be keeping your upper lip warm in the coming cold weeks.

Oh wait… get this! 

What about men who have mustaches year round? Do they deserve a handout? Perhaps not surprisingly, the American Mustache Institute thinks so. The AMI, whose mission is to fight discrimination against mustached Americans, is seeking a tax deduction for expenditures related to mustache maintenance.

Proposed by the Northeastern State Universityaccounting professor John Yeutter, the Stimulus To Allow Critical Hair Expenses – or STACHE – Act would allow men to deduct $250 from their Adjusted Gross Income to offset the costs of mustache trimmers, wax, coloring products, and other grooming supplies.

I’m not kidding….

Image courtesy of GPWA


And now, for your Spanish Otod Word of the Day…. “SpOtod

{ moustache = mostacho  / bigote }

Use it in a sentence: Abso~IllShaveWhenImGoodAndReady~lutely…….

With great moustache comes great responsibility.  ~ Peter Griffin

Con gran bigote viene una gran responsabilidad.  ~ Peter Griffin


Yes…..Your Dryer Eats Your Socks

Obviously…. that’s the only explanation.  But here’re some more:

  • The heat and spinning opens a wormhole to a distant planet inhabited by people who are about a foot and a half tall, who come into your dryer and steal the socks to use for clothing. They only steal one because they want unique outfits. Or to explain it another way; Lost socks is a result of the rotational energy of the dryer drum creating micro blackholes along the lines of gravitational nuclear thermodynamic flux – the socks drop into the black hole and emerge on the other side of the space time continium – some poor alien planet is covered in old socks
  • Every dryer has a built in sock gremlin that eats your socks.
Some people say socks actually get lost in the washer.  The moisture and centrifugal force holds them there for several minutes. Be sure to check all around the inside of the drum. Other socks will get stuck to sheets and towels in the dryer. So when you fold these items for storage, shake them out and check for any socks which may be clinging. The spin cycle must suck small loose items out with the water.
Keep ’em together. Before putting socks in the washing machine, attach pairs together. You can use a lingerie bag, safety pins or even office clamps, you can simply fold the tops together or tie each pair, or the best solution is to use the sock clip, and you will never lose another sock to those nasty sock gremlins.
Wiki-how has some great tips on what to do with single socks, or as I like to call them…divorced socks. For example, when I travel, I often put things inside some of my divorced socks. Like a watch or a charger.
And now, for your Spanish Otod Word of the Day…. “SpOtod“{ laundry = lavandería }

Save your Watch Battery

Do you have many watches?  Say…. more than 1? I myself have 8 watches.  2 of which have that kinetic thingamajig that powers the watch by my movement, so it never needs a battery change.  But the other 6?  I have 1 watch I wear daily, and the others vary from going out, to seasonal, to tuxedo, leather ass-less chaps, etc.

If I leave the watches running when not in use, the batteries need to be replaced annually, if not sooner. Therefore, when I take off my dress and seasonal watches, I pull the pin so the watch stops running, thus saving the battery.  So that means I need to set the watch everytime I wear it. Well you know what? That’s a small chore compared to finding a watch store or a battery for replacing.  I hate when I put on a watch moments before I’m eready to leave and it’s just dead.  While some vintage watches will still run even when the crown is pulled out, most of my watches (maximum $400.00) dont have that issue.

Yes, batteries are cheap. It’s not the cost that bothers me, it’s the lack of a working timepiece when needed. Some people say that pulling the pin exposes the movement to dust and moisture & can cause your movement to malfunction.  Well, I store my watches in a watch case that holds ten watches that I bought from sears for 20 bucks. Click here for 1 that holds 18 watches.

So? Pull out the crown when you take it off. Easy. Simple. Otod.


And now, for your Spanish Otod Word of the Day…. “SpOtod

{ watch = reloj }

Use it in a sentence: Abso~EverDanceWithTheDevilInThePaleMoonLight~lutely…….

I long for the days of a Pocket Watch

Añoro los días de un reloj de bolsillo


Hem your Pants with the Correct Break

An important factor to consider when you get your new pair of pants is its break. The break refers to how the pant falls on your shoes, thus creating a crease at the front of your shoe. The break is a result of the length of the pant. If your pant is too short, it will not have a distinct break. When you are getting the hem of your pants tailored, you should take into consideration the type of break you want to incorporate in your trousers.

So, to reiterate, the break is the degree to which a pant extends down your leg, ranging from a full-break to no-break.  If your pants are a more traditional cut, you do want some break. If the end of the pants aren’t anchored by your shoes, the fabric will likely flop around and make it look like you bought the wrong size pants. If you open your eyes, you can see guys wearing pants like this all over the place. Here are some definitions of the break:

Full Break

A trouser with a full-break extends to about the top of the heel on your shoe and generally covers about 2/3 to 3/4 of the laces on your shoe. The pants neatly fold once where they meet the top of the shoe. Your socks generally do not show, even while walking. A full-break is best for wider-legged, pleated pants. It’s a traditional, classic look, popular with many older men and those who strictly adhere to the rules of dress.

No Break

Dress pants with no break is known colloquially as a “flood.” The pant neatly ends at the top of the shoe. This is a look that is best suited for a slim, flat front trouser.

When you walk or sit, your socks are pretty much out there for everyone to see; this can be a good look for you if you like to showcase your wacky sock collection. While not terribly popular with any but the 60’s Ivy crowd, or Thom Browne, it can look rakish when pulled off well. A no-break trouser looks best with a cuff to weigh down the bottom of the pant.

If you decide to go this route, you have to know that it’s not without risks. Because you’re essentially breaking a rule of classic men’s style, you are going to have to do it with confidence; otherwise, you run the risk of looking like you’ve outgrown your trousers.


A compromise between the two extremes is the half-break. A half-break trouser is slightly shorter than a full-break, but longer than a flood. Instead of the pant hem ending at the top of the heel, it ends about 1/2 to 2/3 of the way down the shoe, allowing a slight fold where the cuff hits the shoe. Your socks may show while you walk. Half-break trousers are a nice look that’s equally suited for trousers of all finishes– flat front or pleated, plainly finished or cuffed.

The half break is my personal favorite.  No Cuffs.  I do mine on a slanted half break.  Don’t forget to make sure the pants are properly sized around your waist while you’re at it.

Check that you have at least 1 inch of extra fabric in your hem to be sure that you can lengthen it if it’s too short.



And now, for your Spanish Otod Word of the Day….SpOtod

{ Pants = Pantalones }
Use it in a sentence: Abso-ScrewYou!IhaveAlife,Iswear-lutely…

I have a cat in my pantsTengo un gato en mis pantalones

Fashion Week in New York City starts today!!!!

It’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City!!!!  What does this mean for you? ….not too much.  But if you’re in the city from from September 8th through the 15th, you can guarantee to see some extremely tall and really really really, ridiculously good looking people, definitely some famous people, lots of photographers…. and heavier traffic.

Designers gather from around the world to exhibit their Spring/Summer 2012 collections at this Fashion Show.  Last year New York Fashion Week moved to Damrosch Park at the Lincoln Center complex, home to the renowned Metropolitan Opera house and American Ballet Theatre instead of the tents in Bryant park, which hosted the Fashion Shows of the past since 1993.  Do you feel smarter now? Did I give you some knowledge there?  Well how about this?  If you wear white pants or shoes at this fashion show, you might get some dirty looks, but just give everyone the finger and keep rockin’ it!  And remember…. the stranger the look, the more in style you are!

~ Last year I tried to sneak into one of the runway shows with a Model friend of mine.  I posed as a photographer…. (I actually am a photographer). We didnt have tickets or passes. To my surprise, we both got in…. except I got escorted out.  Otod:  Long legs and gazongas…. you’re in.  Baggy jeans and a camera? Good Luck.  I still say you should try it. It makes for a good time and a fun story.  If you dont want to go in person, but you want to get a taste of it, Local fashion fans, meanwhile, can tune in to watch full coverage on local channel TV 25 — which annually devotes more than 150 hours of coverage with nightly recaps all week long on special editions of Videofashion Daily.

New York Fashion Week moved to Damrosch Park at the Lincoln Center complex, home to the renowned Metropolitan Opera house and American Ballet Theatre.

How to Attach & Wear a Boutonnière

Being a photographer, I get this question a lot at weddings. So here goes…

Attaching and wearing a Boutonnière:

Worn on the left hand side, a man’s Boutonnière should be worn on the outside of the buttonhole of the left lapel. It is usually secured by placing a pearl-headed pin from the back of the lapel.  The pin will then be invisible from the front.

Your Boutonnière is traditionally worn on your left lapel – (Why? Because its above your heart!) Whichever side you prefer, ensure that you and your groomsmen, all wear their Boutonnière on the same side. The stems of the Boutonnière point down.

eHow goes a little more in depth with how to pin a Boutonnière.  And below is a video with perfect mannered midwestern instructions on pinning it:

Now…. before you think we’re done, there’s one more thing to add.  Placing the Boutonnière through the button whole is actually more common then you think, provided your jacket has a loop to hold the Boutonnière in place behind the lapel.  And although alot of blogs and sites and florists tell you that the button hole is not for the Boutonnière, they are misinformed and sharing incorrect info. If you dont have a loop there, a tailor can easily put one in for you.  But its up to you which way you prefer it.  RealMenRealStyle  and TheArtOfManliness both show you just how to do it with out a pin.

How to Dress for a Club in New York City

The Times published an article yesterday about club dress codes, and it’s almost (but not quite) as painfully obvious as another story they wrote recently on how dresses are this summer’s hot new trend. Turns out, “Dress codes have long been the secret language of New York City night life.” But what if you don’t speak it? Well, thankfully, they’re here to help.

For example: “Gentlemen who prefer Ed Hardy shirts, those dragon-happy hallmarks of ‘Jersey Shore’ chic, will not be getting into the Mulberry Project, the subterranean speakeasy cocktail lounge in Little Italy, any time soon. If you prefer your dress shirts colorful and boldly striped, don’t bother with the club Provocateur, in the meatpacking district.”

And Daniel Koch, who runs the Day and Night Brunch weekly party, is very against T-shirts. Apparently, he feels, these guys come to his party from LA and have the audacity to think a cotton tee is acceptable. “We have to say, ‘Look, dude, this isn’t what you think it is.’ You can’t rock a T-shirt here unless you’re a rock star.” (Maybe using the word “brunch” for something that is quite different from normal brunch is causing the confusion.)

But some people just won’t have any luck. Michael Satsky of Provocateur has admitted that he tries to weed out the “randy bridge-and-tunnel boys who prowl the neighborhood on weekends. Luckily for him, they apparently self-identify through their shirts.” He further reiterates: “We do not do plaid, and we don’t do stripes.”

Satsky says that for women, heels should be a minimum of five inches, which we’re sure has been strictly enforced with a sign that says your shoes must be this tall to get into the club. Really, it all comes down to this: “If the crowd in Provocateur on any given night is a gauge, being European, gorgeous and at least 5-foot-10 is good, too.” However, it seems there are some exceptions, such as a woman who strolled into GoldBar in pajama pants, and said, “To walk into a place and know it’s ridiculous but I couldn’t care less because I’m rockin’ my pajama pants. That’s very SoHo.”


Click here to be linked to The Times article or click the more link to read it here.

Hope you got minimum 5 inch heels….


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