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Today is free shipping Day!

Most websites are offering free shipping today!
However, some site may require a minimum purchase, & read the fine print, cause free shipping prob won’t get there by x-mas.


Happy New Year! Rosh Hashana Begins Tonight!

[to be read in a monotone, jersey accent voice] ….. If you or someone you know is Jewish, call the Law Offices of Cohen, Greenberg & Schwartzensteinmanbergenheimerson Wish them a Happy New Year, for tonight is the start of the Jewish Holiday of Rosh Hashana…. [By the way, you can resume your normal voice].  Rosh HaShanah is the Jewish New Year. It falls once a year during the month of Tishrei and occurs ten days before Yom Kippur.

     On Rosh HaShanah it is customary to greet people with “L’Shanah Tovah,” which is Hebrew that is usually translated as “For a Good Year” or “May you have a good year.” Some people also say “L’shana tovah tikatev v’etahetem,” which means “May you be inscribed and sealed for a good year.” (If said to a woman the greeting would be: “L’shanah tovah tikatevi v’tahetemi”).  [It’s not a sexist thing]  This greeting refers to the belief that a person’s fate for the coming year is decided during the High Holy Days…. No pressure.

Did you know that the name “Rosh Hashanah” is not used in the Bible to discuss this holiday. The Bible refers to the holiday as Yom Ha-Zikkaron (the day of remembrance) or Yom Teruah (the day of the sounding of the shofar). The holiday is instituted in Leviticus 23:24-25. I dont think I knew that. But I didnt really pay attention in Hebrew school…. or any school.

No work is permitted on Rosh Hashanah. Much of the day is spent in synagogue, where the regular daily liturgy (yeah….liturgy) is somewhat expanded. Another popular observance during this holiday is eating apples dipped in honey, a symbol of our wish for a sweet new year.  We also dip bread in honey (instead of the usual practice of sprinkling salt on it) at this time of year for the same reason.  The apple thing? Not bad… But bread and Honey? Oy…. I can pay for my dentists station wagon, it’s that freakin’ good!

Rosh Hashanah observances vary. Orthodox Jews celebrate Rosh Hashanah for two days. (though this year the holiday goes directly into the sabbath, so it is known as a 3 day holiday). (And the term “Holiday” should be used lightly because it’s not quite a relaxing, ‘fun in the sun’ kinda time).  Reform Jews often observe it for only one day. In Biblical times the moon, not the calendar, determined dates for festivals. Witnesses watching the sky proclaimed the new moon. Since Rosh Hashanah falls on the first day of the month, people living far from Jerusalem did not have time to learn the exact date. Even those living near Jerusalem could miss the festival if the witnesses did not arrive on time. So, two days were set aside for observance so everyone would have time to participate.

So basically, we pray a lot…. eat a lot….. sound a Shofar (Ram’s horn)…. Dip apples in Honey….. & prepare for our personal judgement day……eh.


Also, it was Google’s 13th birthday yesterday! Sorry I missed it. I heard they’re registered at Bed Bath & we took over the world….


And now, for your Spanish Otod Word of the Day…. “SpOtod“ – { New Year = Año Nuevo }
Use it in a sentence:  Abso-HappyFrakkinNewYearToYouToo&ShutupYourFace-lutely…

Happy New year…. and shut up your face! Feliz Año Nuevo …. y cerró su cara!

No Change for Parking Meter? Pay by Cell Phone!!!

No Change for Parking Meter? Pay by Cell Phone

Pilot program going county wide!
It’ll be wide spread soon! Its not NFC, but I’m sure by the time NFC becomes more popular they’ll be using that. But until then, this is pretty awesome. But you know what? New York City will never get that, causw they can make more money off the parking tickets for expired meters. Greedy Bastards…

You park your car, go to feed the meter, only to come up a few cents short. If it’s happened to you you’re not alone.

It’s frustrating, but it could soon be a problem of the past, at least in Montgomery County.

Since January, drivers in one part of downtown Bethesda have been able to pay for parking by cell phone. It’s been so successful the option is going countywide.

“If I run out to get something I don’t have change. So I’m like do you have a quarter,” said Stacy Pounds who likes the idea of paying by phone.

Right now, as part of a pilot program the county has 1200 meters in Bethesda which offer pay by phone.

In three months Montgomery County parking officials say 1900 people have signed up and have used it 6700 times. That’s about five percent of all meter payments. Based on the initial response, the county has decided to expand the pay by phone option to all of its 14,000 parking meters.

“We’ll still take their money if they want to give us the coins, but it really is a convenience that in practicality almost pays for itself,” said Steve Nash, Parking Management Division Chief.

The remainder of meters in the Bethesda area will likely be the first to add the service in the fall.
That will be followed by the county’s other parking districts in Wheaton, Silver Spring and Montgomery Hills. The entire transition will take several months.

To pay by cell phone, sign up online, charge your account up to $25, then dial the number on the meter.
If you’re using the same cell phone you registered with, an automated system will pick up, ask for the meter number on the meter and how many hours you wish to park. Punch it all in and then you’re done.
The amount will be deducted from your account.

You can also sign up by calling the same number on the meter and a person will get you registered by phone.

But some still prefer the old fashioned way.
“Too many steps. I’ll put the quarters in,” said Frankie Lawrence.

Although she admits, she doesn’t always have the coins. Lawrence says she doesn’t use parking meters enough to make it worth the effort. So she’s a dumb bitch who likes to stand in the way of progress.

There are a few perks for those who do pay by phone.

The system sends a text warning when your meter is about to expire. Use less time? Dial the number again and you only get charged for the time used. (Another reason NYC would never do this. They would never give you money back). So if you paid for four hours, but only used two that’s all you pay for.

What may be confusing to some is the meter will still say “expired” after you pay by phone.

However, parking enforcement has handheld computer devices that show which meters are paid by cell phone so they don’t give you a ticket.

If you do get a ticket, your account also provides a record of payment, date and time as proof.

The program won’t cost the county a dime.

The company that wins the contract will foot the bill for changing signs on the meters and the cost of running the service. Instead a 25 cent convenience fee is charged for each transaction, which goes to the contractor.

That may go up a few cents when the program is expanded.

“I’d do anything not to get a $35 ticket around here,” said Elisabeth Williamson who was grabbing lunch in Bethesda. She obviously hasn’t gotten a ticket in a while. It’s 40 dollars for a parking ticket now.

If there is a downside, you can’t pay by phone for more than the maximum time limit, but it does buy you some time to get some change.

– Now that’s progress!


Fake online Reviews and more….

A multi tip Otod? Cause I felt like it…

Part 1:  When you’re shopping online, reviews can be helpful in making a decision. They can also be fake and misleading. How do you know? The biggest tells are reviews with no negatives or warnings, were all posted shortly after one another, only really talk about product features and not the pros and cons of the product, and the usernames of the reviewers are all very similar. If you look closely you can detect fakes pretty easily. Consumerist tells you more here.

Part 2:  The annual Prelude to the Dream charity race took place yesterday, June 8th at Eldora Speedway in Rossburg, Ohio. It’s something to do with Nascar and driving in circles…. I would’ve told you yesterday but then you might’ve watched it… and I cant be responsible for that.

Part 3:   Michael J. Fox is 49.

I will not make a joke on how I bet he wishes how he could

go back to the future to get a cu…… you know what?

I said I was not gonna make that joke.

Taxi Cab in Service?

Did you know that when you’re trying to get a cab, if the light on top of the cab is not lit, that means they either have a fare or they’re off duty? Well I didn’t know that. Now I do. & so do u.
-confession out

Are you prepared?

Obviously no one wants to be in the middle of a natural disaster.

Following the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan last week and the tsunami threat in Hawaii, it makes me wonder just how prepared I am. Well I’m not very prepared, and there’s only so much you can do.

But our friends at tell us how to make the aftermath a little more livable.

Making a plan is the best way to prepare for disaster. Whether it’s a blizzard, tornado, flood, or clown attack….. you never know when you’ll need a can of tuna by flashlight.

Need to get off the Phone?

Sorry….gotta go!

“When you absolutely, positively have to get off the phone,” click the emergency soundboard at Dozens of emergency sound effects are mere clicks away to rescue you from pesky telemarketers or any unwanted telephone conversation.
Categorized for Home, Office, and Oddball events, you’re covered for situations like: “Someone’s at the Door,” “There Is a Fire Drill,” “I Can’t Hear You,” “The Dog Is Barking,” “The Smoke Alarm Just Went Off,” and the ever-popular “There Are Cows Going By!”

Must be at a computer to use.

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