Happy New Year!

Its 2013!!!!!! Suck it, Mayans!!!!!

But did you know the Mayan calendar ends December 21 (Winter Solstice, 2012). It simply marks the end of one calender and the start of another. They never actually predicted that it would end on that date but the calender would still have people putting more dates in because it would just go on forever and ever

To be honest, No one knows when they world is going to end.
If it was going to end, they’d tell us and they wouldn’t be building in London for 2012! – we’ll die, but not yet. another thousand years possibly more.


11 Things That Will Be More Expensive in 2012

End of the year sales are still going strong, and in this environment it’s difficult to imagine not being able to find an excellent deal on the necessities. But sales end and economic trends change, and sometimes even minor shifts can spell big price hikes.


Click here to read the full article from dealnews.

Is it still Christmas?

Well, it’s christmas weekend, so most people have off from work today. Well…. I dont, but I’m not most people.

Traffic should be light, except later in the day when everyone starts making their way home.

Also, you can expect shopping to still be crazy, because everyone wants to exchange or return the crap they bought or got, and there are after christmas sales.

Now we get ready for our New Year’s parties!

Merry Christmas & Chrismukkah!

A popular marriage between the words “Christmas” and “Hanukkah” celebrated mostly by interfaith (Christian and Jewish) couples. Sources of this word date back to the 1800s and not the television show the OC (look it up).
Happy Chrismukkah: Eight days of presents, followed by one day of many presents.

Wicked Awesome Jewish Acapella Holiday Video featuring Pella!

Pella Productions is the result of a recent merger between two of Jewish acapella’s most popular ensembles, Kol Zimra and Harmonia. Pella‘s combined experience and depth of talent are unparalleled in the industry, with performers worldwide, and we’re proud to have performed at more events than any Jewish acapella ensemble in existence.

With over two decades of experience in providing first-rate entertainment, Pella‘s presence at your next event is sure to create unforgettable memories.

The guy with funky socks is a Custom Clothier for Astor and Black.  His Name is Nathan, and he works out of the NY office……. I know him.

Today is the first day of winter!

What….. you need more? The damn title of my website  is Obvious tip of the day…. How do you get more obvious then that? Man you guys are such assholes….

Eating Poop: What if Humans were like Rabbits?

Well the first obvious answer that comes to mind is baby Huebbits.  That’s a Human / Rabbit hybrid. “They eff like Human” people will say.

But the other question is:  If a man eats his own feces, what would happen?

It is quite possible to die from eating feces, but it doesn’t mean you will. It is also quite possible to die from eating raw seafood, but it rarely happens. It all depends on what bacteria are active in the substance and for how long. The chance that harmful bacteria are present is greatly increased when the substance is feces.

Dogs do it all the time and they usually don’t get sick. Dogs have pretty strong immune systems though. It is also not unknown for people to eat their own or others’ feces. Eating feces even has its own scientific name – coprophagia. Another practice with its own scientific term is closely related. Coprophilia is achieving sexual excitement from eating, or otherwise interacting with, feces.

Shall I continue?  Nah…..

So, while eating feces is definitely bad for your health, and not recommended, you will probably not die from it. You will, however, probably get sick.

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