oTod Dating Tip!

Go to the bar / lounge & meet the girl you were set up with by a mutual friend…..get past the awkwardness… have a beer…  Pray that you are out with a girl who actually orders a beer too, but also takes more than 1 sip. And then 37 minutes later, after she told you why she wanted to be a vet when she was 11, you get your 3rd beer and you ask if she wants another, and she says…”no, im good”.

So an hour goes by, and she mentions how her younger sister just got engaged, and she doesnt want to take away her sister’s glory, so she wants to take things slow….but she is looking for something serious. No games. “I’ve been there, done that, and I’m not that kinda girl”. ( you have now had 2 more beers and 3 shots of vodka….she is still on her first beer).
Another 22 minutes have gone by, and you are so $#!t  faced that if she told you that she was half borg and half kangaroo you would ask her to marry you. (My dream girl, btw ). So you pay the check….the whole check… (well she only had 2 sips of a beer….. You know, kids in africa would kill for a beer), you walk out of the lounge and tell her youre too drunk to drive. (which.. well face it… you are), put her in a cab, give the driver a twenty, and point him in the direction of harlem, get into your car, drive 3 feet, hit a parking meter, (leave a note on the meter saying youre sorry with a phone number to your auto ins), steal some quarters from the now broken meter, go back into the lounge, smile at the cute girl who just got stood up by her date from jDate, buy her a beer and start you night fresh.

“TIP” of the day?

“TIP” of the day? Do not get circumcised after age 20! “TIP” of the day get it? And the reason can be found here at 24 seconds….

Verizon fire up 16 new New York 3G sites ahead of iPhone 4 release

Verizon fire up 16 new New York 3G sites ahead of iPhone 4 release…..

So what, right? I’ll tell you what.   I live in one of those towns.   And I used to have stellar service.   5 bars in my driveway, house, basement.   No issues.

Then in December of 2009 my service went dead in my home area. Even on my block.  I was in an actual dead zone.  I could rarely make a call and when i did, it would be garbled or it would drop.  My data didnt work either.

That means slow emails, sometimes they never sent or received.  Slow or no bbms.  And absolutely no web browsing on my mobile phone.

After a back and forth with verizon tech support for a month and after switching out my phone twice, someone finally admitted that it was the service in my area….and get this;

It seems that in December of 2009, verizon, who had been leasing tower space from cable vision to transmit their signal, lost their lease with them. Basically, cable vision didn’t want to lease space to verizon, a company that was taking away their business with their own TV service, Verizon Fios.

Verizon techs claimed they put up temporary towers in the affected areas, but it didn’t help in my area.  So we had to get one of those in home towers that transmit a cell signal through your internet.  There are many problems with that. Fist off, that box costs money. 2nd, if your internet goes down, your cell phone goes down. 3rd, the second I pull out of my driveway, I drop the call.  4th, it only works for voice and not data. (so no help with emails, bbm, browsing, and live apps). 5th, only 3 people can use this in home tower at the same time.  The fourth person is SOL.

Travel ahead 13 months into the future (hah…future)….. and i’m happy to say that I unplugged that box yesterday, and it seems that I am problem free. Verizon should refund my phone bill for the last 13 months.

To see if you’re in one of the lucky 16 towns to get your service returned to the same quality it was 3 years ago… & to read the full press release, see the link below.



First Otod: Do not cut your own hair…

Do not cut your own hair. Resist the urge. Fight it. Unless you’re Natalie Portman or Demi Moore.

Haircuts for men range from 9 bucks at the mall to 30 bucks at a salon. & they’re free if you go to a local beauty school.

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